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The Myst Condo is an ideal place to live for families and individuals looking for convenience and comfort. The building is located in a prime location in Singapore, just 10 minutes away from the nearest MRT station. With plenty of restaurants, shops, and malls situated in the area, residents have all the amenities they need within walking distance. The building also offers plenty of recreational facilities for its residents, including a swimming pool, a gym, a spa, and an outdoor terrace. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or an investment opportunity, the Myst Condo is the perfect choice.

The Myst Condo is a luxurious condominium located in the heart of Singapore. It is a mere 10-minute walk to the nearest MRT station, which makes commuting around the city a breeze. The area is filled with plenty of restaurants, shops, and malls of all sizes. This makes it an ideal place for those who want to live close to the action.

The Myst Condo is a masterpiece of modern architecture. The building is made of sleek glass and steel, with a modern and sophisticated design. Residents can enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline from the balcony of their home. Inside, the floors are lined with marble and natural stone, creating a warm and inviting environment. The condo also comes with a The Myst fully-equipped gym, swimming pool, and sauna.

The Myst Condo offers a variety of amenities for its residents to enjoy. The most popular are the retail outlets, restaurants, and movie theatres. All of these are located within walking distance from the building. There are also plenty of parks and green spaces around the area, providing a peaceful and tranquil environment for residents to enjoy.

The Tre Pines is renowned for its unique blend of lifestyle facilities and educational institutions. This includes a host of amenities such as a library, swimming pool, sports complex, and several restaurants, cafes and retail outlets. The complex is also home to a variety of educational institutions, such as the aforementioned Singapore Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technological University, as well as the Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore Institute of Management, and the Singapore Institute of Design. These educational institutions provide students with an excellent opportunity to pursue their academic interests and gain knowledge in a variety of disciplines.

The Tre Pines is also home to a wide variety of recreational facilities. These include several parks and gardens, as well as a swimming pool and an outdoor amphitheatre. These facilities provide the perfect setting for family outings and outdoor activities. In addition to this, the complex also hosts a range of cultural and entertainment events, such as live music performances and art exhibitions.

The Tre Pines is a unique blend of lifestyle facilities and educational institutions that The Tre Pines UOL and Singland provides a great learning experience to its students and visitors. It has become a popular destination for families who seek a vibrant and tranquil lifestyle, and its educational institutions have been instrumental in providing quality education to students from all over the world. With its wide variety of amenities and recreational facilities, the Tre Pines is an ideal place to spend a day or two in Ulu Pandan, District 21.

Ulu Pandan is a District 21 estate located near Bukit Timah and Clementi in Singapore. It is a neighbourhood known for its unique blend of lifestyle facilities and educational institutions.

The Tengah Plantation EC is strategically located and is within close proximity to a variety of amenities. It is located near the Tengah Plantation Park, which is a popular destination for families. The development is also close to a number of shopping malls, such as Westgate, J Cube, and JEM. It is also close to a number of educational institutions, such as Nanyang Polytechnic and Westwood Secondary School.

The Tengah Plantation EC is expected to be a huge success. The project is backed by two of the region’s leading real estate developers, and it has all the features that potential buyers are looking for. The development is also located close to a number of amenities, which makes it an ideal choice for young professionals and families. With a range of facilities and amenities, the Tengah Plantation EC promises to be one of the most sought-after projects in the area.

Tengah Plantation EC is the first Executive Condo (EC) jointly developed Tengah Plantation EC by City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land. It is located in western Singapore, within the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) Tengah Town – a new town that is currently being developed by HDB.

The Tengah Plantation EC is a 519-unit project that is set to be completed in 2023. The development is made up of two towers, each with 16 storeys. The development features a mix of four- and five-room units, with floor areas ranging from 1,098 sq ft to 1,238 sq ft. The development also has a wide range of recreational and leisure facilities, including a gym, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, a function room, a multi-purpose court, and a children’s playground.

Champions Way Woodlands Condo is an exclusive development located in the heart of Singapore’s Woodlands District. This luxury development is home to some of the most sought-after condominiums in the area, with units ranging from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom penthouses. The development also features a pool, spa, gym, and plenty of other amenities to make residents feel at home.

But what really sets Champions Way Woodlands Condo apart from other developments is its proximity to some of the best shopping centres in Singapore. Located just minutes away from some of the city’s top malls, residents can enjoy easy access to some of the world’s finest shopping experiences. Here are just a few of the amazing shopping centres nearby Champions Way Woodlands Condo.

Causeway Point

Causeway Point is one of the largest shopping centres in Singapore and is just a few minutes away from Champions Way Woodlands Condo. This massive mall houses over 500 retail stores, including some of the most popular international brands. From fashion to electronics, cosmetics to jewellery, Causeway Point has it all. The mall also features several eateries, cinemas, and a range of entertainment options.


Vivocity is another great shopping centre near Champions Way Woodlands Condo. This megamall is home to over 300 retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, as well as a sprawling rooftop garden. Shoppers can find everything from designer fashion to high-end electronics, as well as a wide range of international cuisines. With its convenient location and stunning views of the harbour, Vivocity is a great destination for a day out.

Northpoint City

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly shopping experience, Northpoint City is the place to go. This huge mall has over 500 retail stores, restaurants, entertainment options, and a Champions Way Condo large cinema complex. Northpoint City also boasts a range of attractions for kids, such as an indoor playground and a giant ferris wheel. With its convenient location just a few minutes away from Champions Way Woodlands Condo, Northpoint City is the perfect place for a day of shopping and fun.

Sembawang Shopping Centre

For a more local shopping experience, you can’t go wrong with Sembawang Shopping Centre. This popular mall has a range of stores selling everything from clothes and accessories to books and electronics. There are also several eateries and a food court, as well as a range of entertainment options.

Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the perfect location for those who love to shop. With its proximity to some of Singapore’s top malls and shopping centres, you can enjoy easy access to all the best brands and experiences the city has to offer. So if you’re in the market for luxury living, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the perfect place to call home.

Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the perfect place for those looking for a home that offers convenience and luxury. Located in the heart of Singapore, this condo is close to everything that you need, from shopping, to entertainment, to schools. With its close proximity to both public and private schools, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the ideal choice for those who want to live in a great community with plenty of educational options.

When it comes to education, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is surrounded by some of the best schools in Singapore. From pre-schools to universities, there is something to suit every need. The popular schools nearby include the prestigious Raffles Institution, the renowned Singapore American School, the lovely and vibrant Dulwich College, and the highly respected Nanyang Technological University.

Each of these schools offers a unique educational experience, one that allows students to develop their skills and knowledge and prepare them for success. Whether you’re looking for a rigorous academic program, a stimulating and creative environment, or a supportive and nurturing environment, there’s something for everyone at Champions Way Woodlands Condo.

In addition to the top-notch schools nearby, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is just minutes away from the renowned Singapore Botanic Gardens, the famous Orchard Road, and the iconic Marina Bay. With so much to do, you’ll never be bored. Shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and nightlife are all just a short drive away.

For those who want to live in a Champions Way Condo vibrant and exciting community, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the perfect place. With its close proximity to the schools, parks, and shopping, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax or an exciting place to explore, Champions Way Woodlands Condo is the perfect choice.

Champions Way Condo Woodlands Singapore is a luxurious development located in a tranquil and peaceful neighbourhood. It offers a wide range of schools nearby that cater to a variety of educational needs. The development is surrounded by lush greenery and is only a short drive away from major attractions in the area.

The condominium is conveniently located near many educational institutes such as Singapore American School, School of Science and Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Institute of Technology, and many more. In addition, there are several international schools nearby as well, including Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore Chinese International School, and Singapore Japanese School.

The Singapore American School is one of the most renowned international schools in Singapore. It offers a comprehensive curriculum for students from kindergarten to grade 12. The school provides a wide range of activities and sports for students to stay active and engaged. It also hosts several events throughout the school year, such as the annual Arts Festival and the International Festival. In addition, the school provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, including robotics, theatre, and music.

The School of Science and Technology is a renowned educational institution in Singapore. It provides innovative courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The school has a strong focus on hands-on learning and offers various activities and field trips. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions, such as the National Science Challenge and the International Science Olympiad.

Nanyang Polytechnic is another renowned educational institute situated near the Champions Way Condo Woodlands Singapore. The polytechnic offers a wide range of courses in technology, engineering, and media. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen field. The polytechnic also offers career guidance and internship opportunities for students.

Republic Polytechnic is another notable educational institute located nearby. It provides a number of courses in business, engineering, and technology. The school provides a wide range of activities and events for students, such as the Young Entrepreneurship Seminar and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. In addition, the school hosts several competitions, such as the National Robotics Competition and the Singapore International Robotics Competition.

The Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is a leading institution in Singapore that provides innovative courses in science, technology, and engineering. The courses are designed to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in their field. The institute also offers internship and job placement opportunities for its students.

These are just some of the many educational institutes located near the Champions Way Condo Woodlands Singapore. The area is well-connected to the rest of Singapore, making it easy for students to access these institutions. The development also provides easy access to a variety of amenities, such as shopping malls, entertainment venues, and restaurants. The condominium offers a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle to its residents, making it the ideal place to call home.

Situated at the heart of Bukit Panjang, Senja Close Executive Condominium (EC) is situated in a tranquil and serene environment, surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of recreational spaces. The neighbourhood is ideal for those seeking a peaceful and refreshing lifestyle.

With its convenient location, Senja Close EC offers a wide range of transport options that are accessible to its residents. Public buses, MRT stations, and taxi stands are just a few of the options that are available. This makes travelling around the area and getting to places within Singapore a breeze.

Public Buses

Public buses are an affordable and convenient option for getting around Bukit Panjang. Residents of Senja Close EC have access to numerous bus services that ply the area, including the 971E and 971, as well as the 972, 973 and 974. These bus services operate from Bukit Panjang Bus Interchange, located just a stone’s throw away from Senja Close EC.


Residents of Senja Close EC can also rely on the Bukit Panjang MRT station for travelling around the area. The station is located just a short 15-minute walk away from the development, making it a great option for those who prefer to take the train. The station is served by the Downtown Line and is just a few stops away from major attractions such as Orchard Road and Bugis.

Taxi Stands

For those who prefer to travel by taxi, Senja Close EC is conveniently located near numerous taxi stands. The nearest taxi stand is located just a few minutes away, making it easy for residents to hail a taxi whenever they need one.

In addition to these transport options, Senja Close EC is also located near many amenities and facilities, such as shopping malls, food outlets, banks and more. This makes it easy for residents to go about their daily lives with ease.

All in all, Senja Close EC provides a great living environment for those looking for a peaceful and refreshing lifestyle. With its convenient location and multitude of transport options, the development is perfect for those who want to enjoy a hassle-free living experience.


Tengah Town is an upcoming new town in Singapore, located between Jurong West and Choa Chu Kang. This town is the first Singaporean city to be developed around a “Forest Town” concept, creating a seamless integration of nature and urban living. This is an exciting development for those who are looking for the perfect urban living experience.

With the development of Tengah Town, a wide range of schools have been established to provide quality education to the residents of the town. The schools in Tengah Town cater to the needs of students of all ages and backgrounds. Let’s explore some of the top schools in the area.

The first school we will discuss is Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH). This is a highly regarded girls’ school located in the heart of Tengah Town. It provides an excellent educational opportunity for its students, with a range of courses and activities designed to help them develop their skills and knowledge. The school also offers a variety of activities and clubs to keep students engaged outside of the classroom.

Next on our list is Tengah Primary School. This school is known for its high academic standard and its commitment to providing quality education to its students. The school offers a variety of programmes to ensure its students are given the best possible learning experience. It also offers a range of sports, art and music activities to keep students engaged and entertained.

For those looking for a more international environment, there is the International School of Singapore (ISS). This school is known for its rigorous academic standards and its commitment to providing students with a holistic education. It is also home to a wide range of extra-curricular activities, giving students the chance to explore their interests and develop their skills.

For those looking for a more traditional environment, there is the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS). This school is known for its emphasis on a strong academic foundation and its commitment to instilling values and respect in its students. The school also offers a range of programmes and activities, designed to provide its students with a well-rounded learning experience.

Finally, for those who are looking for a more holistic approach to education, there is the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA). This school is known for its international outlook and its commitment to providing students with a unique learning experience. It also offers a range of activities and programmes to ensure its students are given the best possible learning experience.

With such a wide variety of schools in the area, it is easy to see why Tengah Town is quickly becoming a popular destination for those looking for the perfect urban living experience. From its lush green parks to its range of schools, Tengah Town offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a traditional school, an international school, or something more unique, Tengah Town is the place to be!

The planned community, car-free town centre, underground roads, and comprehensive amenities make Tengah Plantation Loop EC a perfect location for new residents. In addition, it is one of the few ECs in the area that will be close to an MRT station. As construction is currently underway, you’ll be able to walk to the station and town centre.

In a planned community, it is essential to consider the environment in the design of the community. In Tengah, the government is committed to making the town as environmentally friendly as possible. As such, this development will feature 100-metre-wide forest corridor, a bike-friendly town centre, and smart infrastructure to keep heat at bay.

Residents of the planned community can choose a midwood condo or freehold house that is environmentally-friendly. These properties offer convenient city living and full condo facilities. These properties will be leased for 99-year tenures and will have more than 4,000 units. This makes them the ideal place for families with kids.

Executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore are more affordable than land properties. They are designed with the same amenities as full-fledged condos, but cost less to build. They start out as HDB properties, and become private after 10 years. This makes them more valuable as an investment than HDB flats.

One of the biggest reasons why executive condos are less expensive than land properties is that they are located in more affordable suburbs, and are further away from the city and town centres. In addition, because executive condominiums are located in less populated areas, they are less likely to be subject to the high land prices that are common in the city center.

The combined income of Ashley and Ben are just over the income limit to afford both an Executive Condo and an EC, and for higher income couples, a freehold private condo may be the more appropriate option. Furthermore, the prices of HDB and EC resale are expected to rise over time, and a 5-room HDB in a prime location may cost more than $1M.

A hybrid public-private development, Bukit Batok EC is located near the Bukit Batok MRT station. It is also close to hawker centres and the Singapore Integrated Transport Hub. Hence, it is a good choice for those looking to invest in a home that is close to public transport.

The EC Qingjian development at Bukit Batok is located near the Bukit Batok MRT station, which is on the North-South Line. It is also close to the Pan Island Expressway, which connects Jurong East to Bedok and Toa Payoh. This development will provide a blend of residential and commercial spaces. It is expected to be complete by the first half of 2019.

EC Qingjian Realty is a renowned developer of high-end condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and other types of property. It is part of the Qingjian Group, a group of companies with diversified interests in the real estate industry. Aside from residential property development, Qingjian also develops industrial and commercial properties. The company has a long history of delivering quality properties that meet the expectations of their tenants and customers.

JCube Condo is a five-storey condominium with three basement levels and a roof garden. It has a total net lettable area of 210,038 square feet. It is a 99-year leasehold project. It is located near the Jurong East MRT station.

It is owned by CapitaLand Development, a Singapore real estate developer. The company has numerous award-winning projects including One Pearl Bank, Cairnhill Nine, Sky Habitats, Victoria Park Villas, and other mixed-use developments. It also manages shopping malls and hotels. Its latest development is in the former JCube shopping mall.

Among its amenities, JCube also includes an ice skating rink. It is one of only two public ice rinks in Singapore. It will be converted into a mixed-use development with a mall on level one. It will be an ideal location for ice sports enthusiasts as it is near four shopping malls.

JCube Condo is located in Jurong East. It is close to the Jurong East MRT station, the IMAX theatre, and the Jurong Entertainment Centre. It will feature more than 250 shops and a world-class ice rink. It is a good choice for those who want to be close to the city centre.

Moreover, it is a highly convenient location, near Bukit Panjang LRT Station, and a shopping mall. There is a fully air-conditioned bus interchange at the development’s doorstep, and a direct link to the Bukit Panjang LRT and MRT stations. It also features a large, outdoor swimming pool and sundeck. Residents of Senja Residences Senja Close are also near a variety of amenities and facilities, including a restaurant, a fitness centre, and a bank.

If you are in the market for a new condo in Singapore, you may want to consider the floor plan for Senja Residences Senja Close. These condominiums feature a variety of units that can accommodate small to large families. These spacious units range from 710 square feet to 872 square feet. You can also find a unit with up to four bedrooms. The four bedroom unit is 1,356 square feet. You can also find a unit with two master bedrooms and one secondary bathroom.

Located at Bukit Panjang, Senja Residences Senja Close is a 99-year-leasehold mixed-use development. The neighbourhood is home to several amenities, including an MRT/Bus interchange. Located just a few minutes away from Bukit Panjang MRT station and bus interchange, this development is convenient for residents. The development will also have two basement car parks and many retail outlets for convenience.

Tenet EC developer has revealed the details of Le Quest Condo Bukit Batok. It is a mixed development, encompassing 280 luxury units and an additional commercial component. Its Gross Floor Area is 475,591 sq ft. The TOP date for the development is yet to be announced. Its developer, Qingjian International (South Pacific Group Development Co. Pte Ltd), also has some restrictions for the development such as a childcare centre.

If you’re looking for a good condominium in Singapore, you might want to consider the Tenet EC Tampines. This project will consist of 590 EC units. Each unit is spacious, fully equipped, air-conditioned, and boasts many other impressive features. It’s expected to be ready in April 2021. While prices for this project vary greatly, it’s likely to be competitive with other properties in Singapore.

The development will be located next to the Tampines MRT interchange and will have many amenities. It’s close to amenities, public transport, and the upcoming Cross Island Line MRT station. The project will also be convenient for families and office workers, as it is close to several malls and restaurants. In addition to these great features, the development is also expected to be completed by 2021.

This development will feature a mixed-use neighbourhood near Jurong East Shopping Centre. The site is near the MRT station, bus interchange, and nature reserve. The units will be situated near a school and a shopping centre. It is expected to have a mixed-use development with about 375 units. Upon completion, this project is set to have a community farm, sky corridor, and forest corridor. It will also feature a mini-shopping centre. The Bukit Batok EC will also have a community farm.

Located near the Central Business District, Copen Grand EC is the perfect place to call home. You can walk to the MRT station in just five minutes, enjoy an array of dining and retail options in the nearby shopping mall, and even enjoy future-ready car-free options in the town centre. You will also be close to schools and amenities, making it easy to enjoy a convenient lifestyle at the EC.

The new town centre will feature a host of eateries, commercial spaces, and a bus interchange. It will also feature a polyclinic and community club. Schools in the area include Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. The new EC will be surrounded by a green belt, creating a healthier environment for residents. Located near the new Tengah Town Centre, this development is the perfect place to build a greener life.

Symphony Suites is a 99-years condo development located at the intersection of Yishun Avenue 9 and Yishun Avenue 6. It is located right beside Northpoint BizHub. With expected completion in March 2019, it comprises of 660 units with 11 blocks and 15 storeys. It is situated a short drive away from Yishum MRT Station. Future residents will be able to access the nearby Northpoint as well as Junction Nine for some quality time with the family. A serene and quiet home awaits you at Symphony Suites. More information with regards to The Gazania can be found here. The Gazania freehold condo is a new development by SingHaiYi Properties and Huajiang International at Bartley MRT Station.

A prime site in Singapore’s CBD, Bukit Batok EC has a 99-year lease term. The site can yield 375 units. It is also close to Bukit Gombak MRT station, which is within walking distance. As for amenities, Bukit Batok EC is near the Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park. You can get to work in about 10 minutes.

If you are looking to buy a new home in Bukit Batok, EC by Qingjian Realty is an excellent option. The developer is known for creating innovative home designs and is renowned in Southeast Asia. Its CoSpaceTM Concept, which was introduced on Visionaire Residences, is the first of its kind in Singapore. It has won numerous awards over the years, including the BCI Asia Top Ten Developers Award. The Visionaire is also regarded as one of the top-notch smart-living properties in Singapore.

As one of the best developers in Singapore, Qingjian has carved a niche for itself throughout Southeast Asia. Its commitment to innovation and continuous research has contributed to numerous awards. As a result, it has pioneered many innovative layouts and has received several awards from the FIABCI Singapore Property Awards and Southeast Asia Property Awards. In addition to ECs, Qingjian has completed a number of private developments.

The Jurong Innovation District is a key factor behind the city’s real estate market. It will be a hub for advanced manufacturing, attracting a diverse range of talent. This will in turn benefit nearby industries. Furthermore, the future mega Tuas Port will inject a new vitality into the West. This means that residents of Bukit Batok EC can choose to live near the future economic hubs of Singapore.

One of the new integrated developments in Singapore is the Reserve Residences Far East. This new development will be located near the Beauty World MRT station and educational institutions. Located in the bukit Timah area, it will also be near an upcoming bus interchange. Buying a home in this development is a good investment for residents who want to be near to transportation hubs. Read on to learn more about this project. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of this new development.

The Reserve Residences, Jalan Anak Bukit is a condominium project from the Far East Group. It is expected to include about 700 residential units, 150 service apartments, as well as retail space on the lower storeys. The concept plan must meet certain criteria, including public spaces and high-quality interiors. The successful concept proposal will proceed to the next stage of evaluation. After the evaluation is complete, the award decision will be made and the developer will commence construction.

The Reserve Residences will be a luxurious residential complex near Bukit Timah Nature Park. The reserve is a popular area for families and nature lovers alike. A joint venture of Sino Group and Far East Organization, The Reserve Residences will offer great connectivity and a prime location. The project is also near Little India, which means residents can easily get to work, play, and enjoy the beauty of nature while living in a luxury condo.

Located within a residential estate, The Reserve Residences will provide easy access to Jalan Anak Bukit MRT Station and other important establishments. Residents will also enjoy convenience in shopping, dining, and recreation areas. Furthermore, it is surrounded by a beauty world precinct, making it an ideal residential option for those with school-age children. If your proposal is chosen, it will become the centerpiece of the Jalan Anak Bukit neighborhood revitalization project.

The Reserve Residences, which are slated to be built in the vicinity of the Beauty World MRT station, will feature 865 private lodging units and will span 3.2 hectares. It will also feature a mix of office and retail spaces and a community library. The project will be close to the nearby Beauty World estate and will also offer a direct pedestrian link to the station. Residents will be able to commute easily and enjoy the lifestyle that the area has to offer.

The Reserve Residences is a mixed-use development that will house residential, retail, food and beverage and office space. The location is convenient for a number of reasons, including its close proximity to the beauty world shopping mall, public transportation hub, and restaurants. The development will also be highly affordable and provide a unique blend of residential and office spaces. The Reserve Residences is expected to be finished by 2022.


If you are in the market for a new apartment, you should consider the benefits of living in Tampines EC. The location is convenient and easy to get to the city centre. The EC is near the Tampines MRT station, which is located in Tampines Avenue 9. It is also convenient for commuters because it is close to the town center and other amenities. The upcoming development is expected to be completed by 2020.

The Tampines EC master plan has several features that will help make living in this area more comfortable. The proposed amenities include neighbourhood parks, a multi-purpose hall, improved public space, and easier access to the MRT. The entire project is anticipated to be completed by 2021, so it is a great time to invest in a new condominium in this district. The upcoming developments will further boost the community’s value and attract more residents.

The location of the EC is very convenient, as it is close to the Downtown Line and other parts of the city. It also has three MRT stations within walking distance. The Downtown Line is expected to be completed by 2020, so there are plenty of options for commuters to reach the city and other areas of Singapore. The Tampines EC community also has a lot to offer in terms of shopping and amenities. The new mall that will be built in April 2020 will be a great addition to the area.

The area is ideal for working or living. It is close to the city centre and is perfect for families with children. It is also close to the Tampines MRT station. The location of the EC makes it a good location for commuters and workers alike. It also boasts many amenities, which make it an attractive choice for families. The amenities are excellent and it is easy to work and play. The location of the EC is an excellent choice for those seeking a home in the city.

The location of Tampines EC is excellent for families. It is conveniently connected to the rest of the city, including major shopping and dining areas. The area is also well connected to public transport, which makes it a good choice for families. You can walk to work or meet up with your family at any time of the day. The EC offers great connectivity to other areas of the city, so it is convenient for commuters.

Located near the Tampines Hub, the EC is an integrated community hub. It was first mooted in 2011 and completed in 2016. Its grand opening took place in January 2017. The EC has various retail shops and restaurants, and a number of large shopping malls. If you are looking for a new home, this is a great place to start. There are many amenities in this area, and it’s easy to get around.

The EC is located near the Tampines MRT station, which makes it convenient for commuters. Its location is also convenient for families, as it is near a number of reputable schools and expressways. It is ideal for families who want a central location and are commuting to work. With these benefits, you will find it very difficult to find a better place to live than in Tampines EC.

The EC is located near the Central Business District and the Downtown. Its proximity to these places is also convenient for parents, as it is not far from school and work. The EC is a great place for families to live. This is a location that will fit your needs perfectly. You will love the convenience that this area has to offer. It is an ideal choice for young professionals. You will enjoy a high standard of living and the amenities that Tampines EC has to offer.

The EC is the only one in the Tampines area to be completed in the past few years. This shopping center has many good schools, including the International School of Singapore. If you want your children to go to international school, you can choose to have them attend a nearby school. This is a great advantage for parents who are juggling work and family life. As you can see, this is a great place for a family.

We are looking at new condo EL Development Parc Riviera as this is a new project located at West Coast Vale. This project is close to clementi mrt station and has all the shopping that a buyer is looking for. Parc Riviera is also located near to Japanese Kindergarten.

Symphony Suites has full and unique facilities, which includes a guard house, clubhouse, Function Room & Indoor Gym Tennis Court, 50m Freeform Pool Pool Deck, BBQ Area Dining and outdoor fitness area. The condo’s facilities provide full family entertainment needs for your family and loved ones. Indulge in a serene and tranquil lifestyle right in the heart of Yishun.

Symphony Suites

Several buses are available near Yishun Avenue 9 and Yishun Avenue 6. Symphony Suites by EL development is also near to many shopping centers and restaurants. Symphony Suites is also near the upcoming Northpoint City which is one of the largest commercial and shopping belt in Yishun. Also, it is right beside the Yishun reserve area. Entertainment for your loved ones and friends are therefore at your fingertips with the full condo facilities as well as the amenities near Symphony Suites.

Symphony Suites will be accessible with Yishun MRT Station as well as Yishun Bus Interchange. It is also right beside Central Expressway (CTE). Symphony Suites is also near to SAFRA Yishun, Orchid Country Club and Yishun Park.

Symphony Suites is also near elite schools such as Chongfu Primary School, North View Secondary School and Huamin Primary School.

For vehicle owners, it takes less than 30 minutes to drive from Yishun to the business hub and vibrant Orchard Road shopping district via Central Expressway (CTE).

Symphony Suites in Yishun

A wonderful and unique lifestyle awaits you at Yishun. Please see Symphony Suites project details and floor plans for more information.


Other Launches

8 St Thomas Bukit Sembawang Freehold condo located at Great World City. 8 Saint Thomas will be launching soon in 2018.

Signature at Yishun – New EC Launching at Yishun Street 51 near Orchid Country Club.

Canninghill Square Former Liang Court enbloc is a new development that is located right at the heart of River Valley Road. Canninghill Square is by the developer City Developments Limited and Capitaland.

Van Holland Freehold Condo located right in the heart of Holland Village. Van Holland at Holland Village MRT Station is near to many amenities including Holland Road Shopping Centre.

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station is a new development that is located near to Clementi MRT Station. It is near to Clementi Shopping Centre and 321 Clementi. Parc Clematis is launching around in 2019 and is the former Park West Enbloc that is collectively sold.

Meyerhouse Condo new development at Tanjong Katong by UOL. Meyerhouse is a freehold development located near to Tanjong Katong MRT Station.

Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings freehold condo at core city centre derbyshire road. Fyve Derbshire is located near to Novena MRT Station as well as the city centre.

Garden Residences Serangoon North by Keppel Land. Near to Bartley City Fringe and Nex Shopping Mall.

Piermont Grand Sumang Walk Punggol Located in the Heart of Punggol near to Punggol Waterway Point.

Jui Residences SDB is a new freehold development located at 1177 Serangoon Road. It faces the Kallang River.