River Valley Location Amenities and Dining

River Valley Singapore is one of the most prominent shopping and dining destinations in Asia. Located within the Central Area of Singapore, River Valley has been a popular location for locals and tourists for decades. The area is characterized by flat, hilly terrain that is perfect for blending the arts and crafts industry with the business of modern society. River Valley restaurants are some of the most sought after in town. The River Valley retail area also caters to a different type of clientele as many of its shops are designed to look like ancient ruins.

River Valley is an amalgamation of different historical places and architecture throughout Singapore history. River Valley shopping district shares boundaries with Orchard Road in north, Museum on the east, Tanglin on the west and Malay Place in the south. In the early years, the area was known as Singar, a name that eventually changed to River Valley and later on to simply River. Today, the area is recognized as a legitimate tourism destination with several premium shopping malls, boutiques and other specialty stores.

You will find a plethora of fine dining restaurants, cafes and bistros in River Valley Singapore. From expensive five star hotels to greasy fast food joints, River Valley is sure to have something for everyone. Most visitors to the area come here for a romantic get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They love the ambience, friendly atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere that the restaurants provide. There is never a dull moment at one of these restaurants.

History & Culture Cultural heritage of Singapore consists of a variety of races and cultures. One of these is the Chinese who migrated to the country at the earliest times. Though they settled in just one part of the island, their presence marked the whole area. A walk along the historical Straits Street or a visit to its museums and galleries will give you a glimpse of the rich history and culture of Singapore. The area also has a number of Buddhist monasteries and religious buildings that serve as a permanent home to monks.

Traditional Chinese cuisineThe Chinese culture and tradition are one of the most widely followed in this part of the world. One can easily notice the influence of Chinese food everywhere in this region. Its influence is very subtle but every meal that you eat in River Valley Singapore will surely leave an impression of your diet. From dim sum bao at dimsum teahouses to dim sum hawker centres, there are several restaurants in this area that serve authentic Chinese cuisine. It is best that you make a stop at a Chinese restaurant before you visit any other restaurant in River Valley Singapore.

I loves international cuisines and the food culture of Singapore is no exception. There are several restaurants in River Valley Singapore that cater to all your culinary cravings. Of course one would be looking for the local favourites too. You can choose between Vietnamese pho, Chinese stir fry and Indian curries. Apart from these, there are various restaurants that serve continental, Indonesian, Thai and Italian cuisines.

A great way to get into a healthy lifestyle is to indulge in good food. There are numerous restaurants in River Valley Singapore that serve healthy food items like salads, seafood, pizza and even tapas. If you are looking for fast food then head down to the nearby McDonald’s and KFC outlets. Apart from food chains, you can also find organic restaurants near here.

Last Word The food in this valley is much different from the traditional food of Singapore. I have personally tried their barbeque chicken and beef kebabs and they are really popular with locals. For those looking for international food, they have French, Italian and Chinese eateries in this area. So if you are planning to visit River Valley Singapore and want to try out some new foods, I strongly suggest that you try out River Valley restaurants. It is sure to be a wonderful and memorable vacation experience.

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